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Health is like money, we never have a true idea of
its value until we lose it.
— Josh Billings —

Discover What I Hold True for My Clients

About Marty Marsh Wellness…

Health and Wellness Coaching is not just about diet and exercise, or weight loss.

Wellness Coaching encompasses the whole person — mind, body and spirit.

Food is definitely an important component of having a healthy body, but I believe that there is no single diet or food that is perfect for every person, so here you’ll find information and recipes for a variety of food and diet options.

No absolutes (well, maybe one)

And that’s precisely why you won’t find me talking about absolutes here — in any category.

(Well, there is one issue: sugar. I’m pretty adamant that sugar is killing you and everybody else, little by little, day by day. So I guess I do have one absolute — avoid eating sugar.)

You’re different, my coaching is different

Everyone is different. Your desires are different. Your body is different. The way you think is different. So I honor that here and take a holistic wellness approach to everything I present on this site.

All of my workshops, classes, and programs are presented live — not just a bunch of recorded videos and audios. I believe that if you are working with me as your coach — whether one-to-one or in a group — you are entitled to have me at your disposal, not only to teach and to answer your questions, but to be there for you to support you totally.


If you are diabetic, pre-diabetic, or just want to get control of your blood sugar before it’s too late, then please have a look at what I offer in the way of helping you reset, control, or reverse your diabetes or blood sugar issues. Being diabetic myself, I know first hand what a challenge it is to manage this disease. Learn more about my offerings for diabetics now.

As your health and wellness coach, I will help you discover exactly the right food and diet choices for you if that’s what you want, but more importantly, my goal is to help you change the habits that are keeping you from living the life you want, and to help transform your body and your mind so that you are forever making the best lifestyle choices for you.

Yep, I’m certified

In addition to being certified as a health and wellness coach through Health Coach Institute, I am currently in training to become a certified Primal Health Coach.

What to do next…

Learn more about me personally and my health and wellness journey that led me to become a health and wellness lifestyle coach, or…

If you want tailored help to supercharge your health and wellness, let’s have a chat to see if what I’m offering is what will help you. So, click the link below to schedule a time for us to talk about what living a vibrant life means to you and how you can get there.

Click this link: Discover Your Path to Vibrant Health Breakthrough Session with Marty

(If we discover that it’s not what’s best for you, then that’s okay, too. No matter what, I just want you to have a fun-filled, love-filled, health-filled life.)

10 Things I Hold True for My Clients

  1. My clients believe that they can get healthy. They are capable, powerful, and deserving. They have everything they need to create the health, wellness, and lifestyle they desire.
  2. My clients want someone to guide them — step-by-step — to their best health.
  3. My clients are proactive and want to do the work necessary to achieve vibrant health.
  4. My clients create the time and space necessary to make their health a priority.
  5. My clients love a challenge and eagerly rise to it.
  6. My clients want to love themselves. (They just may not know how yet.)
  7. My clients deserve to have the health and body and life that they want.
  8. My clients are brave and courageous, yet want accountability to help keep them moving forward.
  9. My clients are beautiful or handsome.
  10. My clients make their health and wellness routines easy and fun and that work for their unique lifestyle.

And one more for good measure…

11. My clients also want the best for me and expect me to lead by example.

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“When was the last time you woke up and thought this could be the best day of your life?”
{Dr. Steve Maraboli}

Wise Words...

Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

— Benjamin Disraeli

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