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Daily Food Diary

Imagine a weight loss tool that doubles your chances of taking off pounds. And helps you become healthier. That’s how powerful a food journal can be.

Recent studies have shown that folks who keep a food diary of everything they eat tend to lose twice as much weight as those folks who didn’t keep a food diary.

Of course, keeping a journal does require some time and extra effort but the benefits far out-weigh the little extra time it takes to record every food choice you make.

And this diary makes it easy to keep track.
You just fill in the blanks.

There are many Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal:

1. Increase your awareness. A food journal puts an end to mindless snacking. You become much more aware of how much you really eat.

2. Resist temptation. Knowing that you’ll need to jot down those bacon bits on your salad or that extra slice of birthday cake may be all you need to stop you in your tracks. Making nutritious food choices becomes automatic.

3. Increase your knowledge. Your journal is educational too. You’ll learn about calorie counts, portion sizes, and your emotions around food.

4. Target your efforts. Once you spot your triggers, you can change them. You’ll notice the times of day when you crave something sweet or your tendency to eat the whole donut when you meant to take just a bite.

5. Eat healthy. Remember that your food journal can help you do more than take off pounds. You can identify allergies, monitor your blood sugar, or do just about anything that involves food and your overall wellbeing.